Badji Mokhtar – Annaba University was created under the 28/75 ordinance on April 29, 1975, in the premises of Annaba Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Since then, it has grown exponentially by offering new areas of study every year.

It was initially structured in terms of separate departments attached to the Rectorate. In 1980, they were gathered into five institutes (Social Sciences, Arabic Language ​​and Literature, Natural Sciences, Exact Sciences and Technology, Medical Sciences).

In 1993, the University had 20 institutes in three major sectors:


1. Fundamental sciences

2. Technological sciences

3. Humanities and social sciences

The university formerly offered a wide range of diplomas (D.E.S, Licence, Engineer’s degree, etc.), and it was among the pioneering higher education institutions in Algeria to adopt the LMD system (Licence-Master-Doctorat). Despite its predominantly technological orientation, the universityhas also promotedthe humanities since its creation.These elements make it a privileged place for interdisciplinarity and interaction with its social and industrial environments.

Since 1999, the university is restructured into 34 departments grouped under 07 faculties.


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