Foreign Baccalaureate Registration

Before registering at  BMAU, holders of a foreign Baccalaureate degree should apply for equivalence of their diploma. The request for equivalence is made via the website

The equivalence application file includes the following documents:

* Copy of the Baccalaureate degree.

* Copy of the Baccalaureate transcript of records.

* Copy of the identity document.

* Information sheet to fill out online.

When submitting an application for equivalence, the holder of a foreign Baccalaureate degree must indicate in the information form the desired course of study.

However, he/she may come to the equivalence office (MHESR11, Chemin Doudou Mokhtar - Ben Aknoun - Algiers) to fill in the application for equivalence as indicated above and withdraw the original of his/her equivalence. He/she will have to bring all the original documents listed above. A copy of the equivalence can be transmitted to him/her by email, at his/her request.

Important :

Holders of a foreign Baccalaureate degree are not subject to the pre-registration and online orientation procedure, but are subject to the conditions of access to each sector as stipulated in the circular and to the minimum averages available on the websites of the MHESR. The candidate makes an online assignment request in an institution of his/her choice through one of the following links:

An answer will be notified to him/her by the same means.
Holders of a Baccalaureate degree with their original diploma and equivalence can then approach the institution of assignment for a final registration according to the established schedule.

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